What Are Roller Shutters and How Do They Work?

Roller shutters, which are made out of interconnecting insulated strips of double-layered aluminium, are an excellent way to secure a structure. Roller shutters not only enhance the appearance of your home, but they also provide excellent protection by keeping burglars and the weather from entering.

Roller shutters operate by rolling or sliding up and down tracks, which are sometimes known as guiding channels. When rolled up, the slats fit into a little box above the entrance (when opening). Internal face fix refers to the little box that is normally fitted inside the door.


How Do Roller Shutters Work?

Other repairs are possible, but this is the most secure option. When the shutters are rolled down (that is, when they close), they are securely fixed against the garage floor, making them extremely secure. If you’re curious in how a roller shutter works, these are the major components and their functions:


Aspect guides are utilized to give routes for the curtain in two distinct ways. They are styled in the shape of the letter ‘U.’


The curtain is a piece of fabric that is used to close off the space between the guides. The curtain is made out of steel or metallic slats that are joined together. The curtain is made up of square tube and Link grilles that are held in place by horizontally positioned rods.

Flag Post

The cheek plate, which is welded to the highest guide or at an angle, is supported by the flag post. The flag post’s tilt in relation to the building structure is designed to help in shutter installation by providing additional support.

Bearing or U-Cup

When a security brake is not installed, a bearing or U-Cup is frequently installed on the cheek plate to keep the barrel moving.

Bottom Rail

The bottom rail is the curtain’s final part at the bottom. It’s commonly shaped like a letter ‘T’ or ‘L’, but with more stiffness. It aids in the provision of additional security.

Tubular Motor

The tubular motor is a hollow motor that fits into the overhead barrel assembly of the shutter. There is a motor-head jutting out of the barrel, which incorporates a manual override eye — this is when a manual override facility is incorporated. To regulate the greatest travel space of the shutter curtain, there is also an electrical wire feed and limit switches. The Associate is also equipped with a motor in the operating brake system, which keeps the shutter steady after it is raised.

Cheek Plate

The cheek plate, also known as finish plates or end plates, aids in the stability of the roller shutter. They are fixed to the structure with adequate fasteners so that the shutter and all of its accompanying components can withstand their full weight.

Roller Assembly

The shutter curtain is controlled by a full-dimension roller, which is supported by cheek plates at each finish. In the roller, there is a steel tube with a hollow motor and a shaft at the alternate finish.

Canopy Cowl

This is also known as the hood, and its use is optional. When rolled up, it is made of galvanized steel and is meant to wrap around the cheek plates. Its purpose is to keep dirt and rain out of the barrel and curtain. Once the motor or roller mechanism is below 2500mm height, it works in conjunction with the other components to give maximum security.

Safety Brake

This is in the form of a centrifugal brake that aids in the shutter’s fall. It only works if there is a problem with the motor. When the motor’s operational brake fails to keep the shutter fixed once it is in its higher position, the safety brake engages and brings the shutter to a complete stop. When the shutter lowers at an uncontrolled pace, the safety brake also engages. The brake must be reset or replaced after it has been triggered. Full-fledged shutter engineers will do the replacement or resetting.

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