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Shutter Door is the Gauteng’s premier roller shutter supplier and roller shutter door repair specialist, and we take great pleasure in our stellar reputation. Our high-quality roller shutters are available in a number of colors, sizes, styles, and brands, and may be customized. We provide both modern and conventional roller shutters to guarantee that you choose the right one for your commercial, industrial, or residential building.

Our commercial roller shutters are ideal for businesses because they offer security, privacy, and elegance at a low cost. Roller shutters are an excellent addition to your home since they are a cost-effective method to give the security, protection, and privacy that you need and require. Roller shutters from Shutter Door are specifically designed and built for South African buildings, providing high levels of security as well as great climate control.

Shutter Doors’ Roller Shutters are the perfect complement to your house, developed with the newest roller shutter designs, made with high-quality goods, fitted by our team of experienced specialists, and backed up by our great reputation.

To learn more about our roller shutters or to discuss bespoke solutions, contact us now. Our knowledgeable team can provide you with advice and suggestions on which roller shutter designs will best fit your home and needs.

For commercial, industrial, and retail clients across Gauteng, we provide and install roller shutters, fire shutters, and security shutters.

With over 40 years of expertise, Shutter Door`s can build a safe, dependable, and cost-effective solution for your business.

Roller shutter doors in Germiston
Roller shutter doors Germiston

Roller Shutter Door Repairs / Roller Door Repairs in Gauteng

Roller shutter door/roller door repairs in Gauteng is a sector that necessitates a high level of knowledge. We are well-equipped to assist you with the repairs of all types of industrial roller shutters, as well as garage roller doors and garage door roller shutters.

Why Choose Our Roller Shutter Doors in Gauteng?

Emergency Repairs

Have an emergency in Gauteng with your rollershutter door? WE CAN HELP

The Widest Range

We have a wide range of Roller Shutter Doors to suite your needs

Best Protection in Gauteng

Our product line offers premium protection and the best workmanship

Manufacturing of Roller Shutter Doors

We are the manufacturers of our own Roller Shutter Doors and raw material maintaining the best quality

The Best Shutter Door Manufacturers and Repairs in Gauteng

We are the best Roller Shutter Door Manufacturers in South Africa. It is our sharp spotlight on detail, quality and dependability that gives us the edge. What’s more, it is our quick help that keeps us in front of the rest.

Worked for Protection

Its a well known fact that wrongdoing is an issue in Gauteng and ensuring your business is a first concern. Our Roller Shutter Doors shields you from interlopers with a strong entryway and secure lock capacity and brutal climate conditions.

Our Roller Shutter Doors Guard Businesses and Homes

For Businesses we make Motorized Roller Shutter Doors and Manually Operated Roller Shutter Doors for Shops, Warehouses, Industrial Buildings and Commercial Buildings. For Home Owners we make Motorized or Electrical Roll Up or Sectional Garage Doors just as Manually Operated Garage Doors that are reasonable for yard regions and carports.

We are the Manufacturer

We are Roller Shutter Door Manufacturers in Gauteng with the best quality parts and with our own machines. All the Roller Shutter Doors are made locally and our group of qualified craftsmans come to you and introduce it at your premises. This guarantees that our items are appropriately and solidly fitted for greatest security and usefulness. We make our items in-house and we make the braces in-house ourselves which eliminates lead times. We are the quickest producer and provider of supports and Roller shutter Doors in Gauteng. Also we keep all fundamental Roller Shutter Door Spare Parts in stock so we can produce and fix Roller Shutter Doors in less time than any other individual.


There are many advantages to installing Shutter Door roller shutters at your place of business in Gauteng.

Fire-rated roller shutters are often important facilities to consider when implementing shutters in a highly populated space. A fire-resistant roller shutter helps control the spread of fire, without combusting or changing in shape. A good rating means your shutters will be able to efficiently perform, even in high heat.

Our products make a great cost-efficient investment. Shutter Door`s doors and shutters are effortless to clean and require only minimal maintenance. Each product is highly durable, and therefore a cost saver down the line, in terms of needed service and repairs. Which means these are dynamic doors that will help you save!


We supply high-quality doors in Gauteng that increase the security of your business. Whether you need roller doors for a retail, hospitality, education, entertainment, transportation, or infrastructure facility. Shutter Doors is also concerned with your financial situation. As a result, our product will always be a cost-effective option.


Our door manufacturers work hard to create universally appealing door and shutter designs. As a result, our goods will not detract from the work you’ve put into creating a great brand image. Our dynamic doors and shutters, on the other hand, will only contribute to the overall harmony of your organization.

Our roller doors are intended to take up less space than other roller doors on the market. Shutter Doors are easy to install and fit into a variety of places and sizes due to their small size.

What is a Roller shutter door?

A roller shutter door is a door made up of several individual horizontal steel or aluminum slats that are rolled around a barrel directly up or down with the help of a spring or an electric motor (or both) with guides on each side to keep the curtain in place.

Roller shutter doors are a popular choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, and are often defined and determined by the application’s intended usage. The vertical action and compact form of the door curtain once completely opened are two advantages of a roller door. Depending on the height and kind of curtain slat used, the curtain usually takes up between 200 and 500mm of area. Most roller doors in the twenty-first century will be powered by an electric motor, as the cost of an electric motor is currently comparable to the cost of a manually driven door for practically every style of door.

Types and Applications
Roller doors have the broadest range of applications of any single type of door. They may be utilized for a wide range of security roller shutters for doors, windows, and other openings in both residential and commercial settings. They’ll keep you safe from the elements, vandalism, and, of course, burglary attempts.

Roller doors are utilized for a variety of garage doors, including steel or aluminum, manual or electric operation, and have become one of the most popular garage door kinds in recent years. Always built to order and available in nearly every color. Choose the correct specification and you’ll have a garage door that’s safe, dependable, and simple to operate while also offering good weather sealing. We emphasize the importance of selecting the correct specification, as with every door type, but there are many more doubtful and poorly made roller doors available in the South Africa than any other door type, so please be alert and ask as many questions as possible when making your decision.

Roller doors, by their very nature, have more moving parts than any other garage door, so if they’re built with low-cost materials, they’ll break down rapidly, generally due to internal component failure with parts you can’t see from the outside. Purchase wisely and just once!

By their sheer nature, insulated roller doors have more curtain strength and close down faster, with practically no noise from rattling in severe winds, as single skin steel roller doors do in most circumstances. If your roller shutter door is subjected to strong winds, always consider the advantages of a high wind rating provided by an insulated double skinned lath structure.

Commercial and industrial roller shutter doors are often distinguished by the use of a higher rated 3 phase electric motor and a significantly tougher structure to the supporting endplates and side guides to resist vigorous operation while also allowing for the use of much bigger curtain sizes. If your roller door will be used more than 15 – 20 times per day and has a width of more than eight feet, a three phase industrial motor drive and a general industrial construction will be advised.

With a push to reduce energy expenses and increase efficiency, high-speed roller door systems have become increasingly popular. These high-speed doors can be made of fabric or a more contemporary steel and aluminum double-skinned design that provides two door functions in one. These doors, which can reach speeds of up to 2.5 metres per second, are ideal for a modern commercial or industrial facility.

Roller shutters with a fire rating are often used in a variety of applications and are meant to prevent fire and smoke from spreading throughout a structure once triggered. The curtain will be flame resistant, with several levels of resistance available based on the application and time required for resistance.

Other uses include servery shutters, cabinet enclosures, van and lorry apertures, general security on any aperture, insulation over windows, and screening over windows and doors. The roller shutter door comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but it always performs the same function: vertically rising up and down.

One of the most prevalent errors we encounter is the usage of the term “roller shutter door” in many construction designs when what is actually indicated or required is a sectional overhead door. Although the mechanics of the two doors are vastly different, architects and specifiers continue to use the same nomenclature. A roller shutter door rises and rolls up into a roll, whereas a section overhead door rises and then rotates to slide inwards in most circumstances. While a sectional door may be raised straight up, it does not roll up.

For a straight and direct discussion on any type of roller door speak to Shutter Door on 063 665 3405. We have a roller door for every application, and will certainly ensure you get the right roller door for you.